Toby Scott-Johannes Slykerman


Born: Tuesday 28th September 2010

Gender: Male

Weight: 8lb 7oz (3840 grams)

Length: 52cm


We have been running a baby guessing game so here are the winners:

Jannie (Oma), Uncle Peter Locke, Jesse, Shirley, Katrina M, LeeAnn McBrayer, Albert Jan Kwakman, Veronica, Ezra, Yana, Tracey G, Janice, Tracey Hayes, Shona Mac, Helen, Kat and Aunty Nikki

Weight: Jannie (Oma), Lil Ogle, Helen, Brett Slykerman

Who's got right date: BQ, Mike Wood, LeeAnn MacBrayer, Scottie (Daddy)

Who's got closest Time: Orsen Van der Byl

Date and Time Winner: Brendan Q(BQ)

Name: N/A

Middle Name: Leni de Winter, Jo Delemare, Laura G, Jo M

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