Where do we get financial support?

We are completely supported by voluntary contributions. These are made by individuals in Whangarei and around N.Z., who do automatic payments monthly into my YouthZone Scottie wages account. My Church regularly give me money each month plus other individuals who do A/P’s monthly.
Donations are always gratefully received!   Download Support Form

We need your help!

We need to increase our monthly support by quite a lot so that Renate and I can survive for the future . And especially since we now also have 3 children Jesse, Anya and Toby.

How can you help?

We need a lot of people to set up an A/P each month which regularly comes in. Anything from $5 a week to $200 a month (or more). Not many people can manage the large amount but $5 is realistic for some families. Could you PLEASE consider this request. For we as a couple working with young people as missionaries are well worth the investment.


If you would rather do a monthly automatic payment our account is: Whg ASB Youth Zone Northland Trust account
12-3093-0326942-01 Scottie support.

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